Projects & Activities


Loaded and ready to go

Convenor: Barbara Gardiner

In 1994, the Association encouraged all its member clubs to focus on “Nutrition Programmes in Elementary School”.  The May Court Club of Chatham presently provides nutritional snacks to twenty-three elementary and secondary schools in Chatham-Kent. It is now referred to as the “Emergency Lunch Box Programme”.



Convenor: Edwinna Rawlings

For years our members assisted with various programmes at Victoria Park School, such as the Breakfast Programme and Reading Programme. May Court also donated funds to purchase books and tapes for the library. When the school closed, these services were transferred to the Queen Elizabeth II School and the “Breakfast Programme” still continues today.



Sally McGregor, past Convenor of our Knitting Committee poses with some of the projects completed.  The items will be given to the ELB and Queen Elizabeth II Breakfast Programme Convenors to distribute as needed to children at the schools we service.

Any additional items are given to the Women's shelter.



Greg Hetherington

The Women of Excellence convened by Shirley Loyer will be held at the Portuguese Club in Chatham on Friday, April 26.  Greg Hetherington has graciously agreed to MC this event again! This event has proved to be one of our most successful, both in terms of profit and showcasing the outstanding women from Chatham-Kent, who have reached a high level of accomplishment or expertise in their chosen fields, locally, provincially, nationally or internationally.

The BINGO COMMITTEE, convened by Gail McGregor runs all year long and is a great fundraiser for the club.  In June, 2018 a special Charity Bingo was held and May Court earned $2,400 that night alone.


The Legion Meat Draw is a new fundraiser for our club.  It takes place at Legion Branch 185 in Blenheim.  The ladies who take part are having a great time and stand out in their new pink shirts.

Shown accepting a cheque from the Legion are Cecelia Landry, Lynda Homeniuk, Jack, the Legion representative, Noella Houle and Phil Houle.  Hiding behind Noella is Bob Homeniuk. Thank you Bob and Phil for helping out!


Major changes occurred within the club in the early 90’s, with a shift away from a more structured organization to one which combined an emphasis on both service and social activities and doing away with mandatory hours. The Honorary Life and Associate Members’ Tea started in 1988 and was changed in 1998 to Members’ Appreciation Tea. As well the year-end party and the Christmas Party are occasions not to be missed.









Many of our May Court members enjoying Spring Tea at the lovely home of Shirley Loyer.  The May Court dolls dancing around the May Pole, lovingly restored and displayed at the home of Lynda Homeniuk on the occasion of our year-end party 2023.  Association President, Darlene Mooney and Secretary Treasurer, Anne Wilson attended the party and added to our enjoyment.

In April 2023, Association held the AGM in Kitchener/Waterloo.  Shirley Loyer and Kris Stevens attended as delegates.  They were joined by Lynda Homeniuk, Diane Brecht and Noella Houle who enjoyed the social aspects of the event.