The May Court Club of Chatham is a service organization dedicated to addressing the needs in our community, primarily those of women and children, through volunteerism and fundraising.

Vision Statement

We will be a club where sensitivity and empathy are nurtured based on respect and support. As a force in the community, we will achieve our charitable goals with a positive attitude in an atmosphere of friendship and fun.

Changing of the Guard

The Board of Directors for 2023-24 was introduced at the 88th Annual Meeting which was held at Casa Bella on the Thames.  Board members are:  Kris Stevens, President, Shirley Loyer, Past Co-President, Diane Bradley, Past President, Lynda Homeniuk, Treasurer, Diane Brecht, Recording Secretary, Gail McGregor,  Janette Carroll, Joanne Gamble,  Barbara Gardiner, Noella Houle

The new Board members are excited and looking forward to a year of in-person activities.   A committee has been formed to plan the Women of Excellence Event which will be held in the spring of 2024.

 WOW!  We're doing it again 50/50 RAFFLE 

November 15, 2023-December 15, 2023

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