About us

Board of Directors, 2017-2018







President: Kris Stevens
Past President: Karen DeKoning
Vice President: Ann Fisher
Treasurer: Marlene Thompson
Recording Secretary: Sally McGregor


Corresponding Secretary: Nancy Inwood
Linda Boire
Diane Bradley
Jo-Ann Patterson
Peggy Seaman
Janine Wilson

Assistant Treasurer:  Betty Parliament

Standing Committees

Membership/Placement Convenor:  Peggy Seaman
Social Convenor: Brenda DeWolf
Finance Convenor:  Lynda Homeniuk
Nominating Convenor:  Peggy Seaman
By-Laws Convenor:  Diane Brecht
Historian:  Lynda Homeniuk
Public Relations/Newsletter:  Catharine Hogan
Research Convenor:  Shirley Loyer
Website Convenor:  Kris Stevens
Facebook Convenor:  Linda Creswick
Photographer:  Sue Cummings

Fundraising Committees

Women of Excellence:  Jo-Ann Patterson
Good Health Walk:  Lee Anne Caldwell Polowick
Bingo:  Wendy Bloomfield

Service Projects

Emergency Lunch Box Programme:  Sue Cummings
Queen Elizabeth Breakfast Programme:  Edwinna Rawlings
Kinitting Committee:  Sally McGregor

Charitable # 13190-9459-RR0001


In 1935, the Brightside Club, formed in Chatham in the early 1920’s joined the Affiliated May Court Clubs of Canada, which in 1965 became the Associated May Court Clubs of Canada.  The May Court Club of Chatham recently celebrated its 80th Anniversary. During those 80 years the May Court Club of Chatham has been involved in many worthwhile projects supporting women and children in the community.